BioTech Foods outlines Ethicameat cultured pork offering – LISTEN

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In our latest podcast, CEO of BioTech Foods Iñigo Charola, sits down to discuss the new Ethicameat offering from the company which has a focus on creating cultured pork meat.

Over the course of the conversation, Charola discusses the need to invest in this area, scalability of the market, consumer attitudes and how cultured meat could fit into the food service sector.

Consumer attitudes

BioTech Foods recently performed an assessment of consumer attitudes in Spain towards cultured meat, and found that 41% of those surveyed would consume cultured meat, with only around one third (32.4%) stating they would not consume it and an almost another third (26.6%) that don’t know.

When asked about a number of factors affecting the introduction of cultured meat, consumers showed a positive attitude. On balance consumers respond that cultured meat would be a healthy product (40%), will improve animal welfare conditions (53%) and will be environmentally sustainable (42%).


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