Can Coronavirus Spread Through Frozen Food Or Refrigerated Food? Experts Weigh In – NDTV Food

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Even after months of the rise and spread of Coronavirus, its actual origin remains a mystery. While it has been established that the virus spreads through infected people, many people want to know if they can be exposed to the virus through the food they eat. It is believed that cooking food properly may kill the virus but what about frozen or chilled food, especially cold meats that we eat raw? Experts have warned against eating raw frozen foods like salmon after Coronavirus was found on chopping boards used to cut salmon for imports in a wholesale food market in China.However, in the wake of no credible evidence of virus transmitting through food and food packaging, it might be a little premature to confirm that frozen foods may carry the virus. A Reuters report carried the thoughts of health officials, doctors and other experts on the risk of infection from eating or handling frozen or chilled food.(Also Read: You May Be Cleaning Your Food To Avoid COVID-19 Wrong!)moml1v38Officials have warned against eating raw frozen foods like salmom. Experts’ Comments on Coronavirus in Frozen and Refrigerated Foods –Wu Zunyou, Chief Epidemiologist of China’s Center for Diseases Prevention and Control, told the state media that the virus can survive on the surface of frozen food for up to three months and his agency “highly suspects” contaminated goods were the source of the latest outbreak. He also suspected that infected people

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