Countries with healthiest packaged food still face problem of obesity

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The packaged food study conducted by an Australian research body assigned scores based on the Health Star rating to various packaged foods from around the world.

The UK had received a lot of grief about the health rating of their food. But this study showed that UK’s packaged food like convenience snacks, ready-made meals and drinks were the healthiest in the world. The US came in second place and Australia in third.
Each food item was rated using Australia’s Health Star system. The level of nutrients like calories, salt, sugar, saturated fat, protein, calcium, and fibre were measured. Each food was then assigned a ranking from half a star (least healthy) to five stars (the most healthy).

Collectively, including food and drink, UK rated the highest with a score of 2.83 out of 5. The US scored 2.82 and Australia scored 2.81. India was placed at the other end of the spectrum with a packaged food and drink rating of just 2.27 stars. China and Chile were the other countries placed at the bottom.

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