Dairy snack launches get ready for back-to-school season

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“With one in five meals taking place outside the home, parents struggle to find snacks that are portable, convenient, nutritious and delicious.”
Children across the US are headed back to school this month and taking lunches with them. Dairy has faced challenges from milk alternatives and low-fat options in keeping consumers interested in cow’s milk, including within school lunches​.

Wisconsin is encouraging more kids to drink milk at school​; and the National Dairy Council has been fighting for whole milk’s inclusion​ in the Dietary Guidelines for Americans on the heels of the Whole Milk for Healthy Kids Act​.

Kids’ milk, veggie ice cream and cheese nibblers

Borden Dairy has a new high-protein milk option for kids, the Kid Builder. With 50% more protein, 50% more calcium and no added sugar, the 2% milk is ready for school lunches in 12oz plastic bottles.

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