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NZTE works with all kinds and sizes of businesses, from primary and consumer goods to e-commerce and SaaS businesses.

We offer three levels of support – Start, Build or Focus – based on a brief assessment. This assessment helps us understand your needs and where you are in your export journey.

NZTE’s support typically increases as your business progresses from one group to the next, though it is not necessary to move between groups.

Learn more about the levels of support below:


Businesses that are considering exporting or just getting started are “Start” customers.

Start customers can get access to:

  • a team of customer advisors who can answer general questions
  • exporting resources such as market guides and research through NZTE’s self-service platform, myNZTE
  • workshops and events relevant to your needs.


Businesses that are committed to or demonstrating signs of international growth are “Build” customers.

Build customers can get all of the above, plus:

  • regular contact with a dedicated customer manager
  • bespoke market research and in-market activities
  • access to our global network of NZTE business development managers and private sector advisors (Beachheads)
  • advice from our investment managers.


Businesses that have significant international growth, potentially on a scale that benefits New Zealand, are “Focus” customers.

Focus customers need to share more detailed company information, such as your growth strategy, and be willing to work closely with us at a senior leadership level.

Focus customers get all of the above, plus:

  • frequent contact with a dedicated customer manager, who will work closely with your senior leadership team to build customised, wraparound support
  • additional services and expertise related to

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