Futuragri chooses compostable labels for its tomatoes

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Concern for the environment has become crucial – more and more consumers care about the environmental, ethical and healthy value of the products they purchase. In addition, they are also increasingly sensitive as regards sustainable packaging and labeling. Companies must therefore meet these new needs by ‘working’ on the quality of both the product and the packaging. 

With this in mind, Futuragri has not ‘just’ opted for a biodegradable label, it has actually chosen a compostable solution! 

With compostable Natureflex labels, which derive entirely from wood pulp obtained from plantations managed sustainably, Futuragri shows its strong interest for sustainable solutions. The label can be found on tomato, salad tomato and date tomato packets.

“Choosing a compostable label was an innovative decision needed in a world that feels so strongly as regards sustainable solutions. We are proud of having been the first in Puglia to have opted for compostable labels, a further testament to our care for the high-quality of products and packaging,” explains cooperative manager Giuseppe De Filippo.

“This is just the beginning, as we believe all Futuragri products should be sustainable and are always looking for unique elements that can better communicate who we are and what we do.” 

Futuragri has been operating in the Foggia area since 1991 and commercializes typical products such as asparagus, tomatoes, cauliflowers and melons, to name a few. All products hold the highest quality standards. 

As for the labels, Futuragri chose one of the solutions developed by Carby Label, a company specializing in the production of labels for the fresh produce sector since 1978. 

For further information:
Carby Label S.r.l.
S.S. 100 km 18 – Il Baricentro – Lotto 2 Mod. 3
70010 Casamassima (BA)
Tel.: 080 6977198
Email: info@carbylabel.it
Website: www.carbylabel.it


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