Gross Auto donates dairy products to their customers – WEAU

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June Dairy Month is important to Wisconsin, and this year is no different. Gross Auto of Neillsville, a car dealership, is donating butter and cheese to the local community.

“What we decided to do was for any customer that comes in for a test drive, service repair order, body shop work, whatever they’re in here for, we’re going to give them a pound of butter or a pound of cheese that we’re buying these all from local dairies to support local dairies and the local dairy industry,” says Mike Gross, owner and general manager of Gross Auto.

This month they’re hoping to invest $20,000 into the dairy industry.

“What we’re trying to do is we’re hoping to buy over 5,000 pounds of cheese or butter, just because there was a surplus of milk there for awhile, so we’re trying to buy as much as we can and donate it to local people and kind of keep things moving at the local dairies,’ he says.

Chippewa County Agriculture Agent Jerry Clark says milk reductions are becoming less common, but farmers have been hit hard in the past months.

“We’ve got quite a few people who worked or lived on dairy farms and we’ve had real good experience with the farmers that have supported us so much over the years, so it was just right to help support them back right now when they need it,” says Gross.

And they hope to inspire

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