If you’re playing video games, you’re probably eating. And that’s not a good thing – Digital Trends

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Eating and drinking while playing video games is a time-honored tradition. And while it’s surprisingly ubiquitous, according to a new study, it could also have profound implications on your health.

A whopping 80% of gamers around the world said they eat food or drink beverages while they play video games, according to a new study from researcher NewZoo. Men are slightly more likely than women to eat or drink while playing games, and age appears to be a factor: 91% of men and 87% of women in North America between the ages of 21 and 35 are chowing down during a game session.

Mindless eating

So, what are players actually consuming during a game?

In North America, 49% of players said they consume salty snacks, compared to 39% for sweet snacks. Forty-eight percent of players say they sip soft drinks while they play.

The study helps to illustrate what players are doing while they wait for games to load, pause, and otherwise spend hours in front of their screens playing their favorite games. It may also highlight the increasingly troubling problem of mindless munching.

The term mindless eating has been popularized in recent years by dietitians who say it could cause weight gain and obesity. Players, distracted by the games they’re playing and not paying attention to bodily cues telling them to stop eating, are prone to overeating while playing games. And that could have a profoundly negative impact on their health.

“We are eating food without truly experiencing the satisfaction

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