Japan has canned fried chicken

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It was only a while back that Yoshinoya released an entire line of canned beef bowls, but even as we were still reminiscing on that game-changing development in meal options for lazy people like us, we stumbled across another potential wonder: canned fried chicken.

While browsing the aisles at our local branch of convenience store chain Family Mart, we found two new offerings from Hotei Foods. In the white tin is Hotei’s soy-marinade karaage (Japanese-style fried chicken), and in the red is the pirikara (spicy) marinade version. Both boast that they use domestically raised chicken and are identically priced at 216 yen, and we picked up one of each to taste test.

Back at SoraNews24 headquarters, we started by cracking open the soy-marinade fried chicken. Right away, you can tell that Hotei’s canned karaage isn’t crispy-skinned, with a sheen of oil on its outer surface.
It’s a similar story with the pirikara karaage, though the look of the glaze here is appealing in its own way. As far as flavor, though, things get kind of complicated.

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