Logistic companies happy with new flexible solution to avoid congestion

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The government has announced that a concrete barrier that can be set up within hours to keep Kent’s roads moving at times of cross-channel disruption will be available and on standby from later this year.

The barrier, which has been developed as a solution to handle potential traffic disruption from the ports in Kent, has been welcomed by the Freight Transport Association (FTA) which says that it is promising news for businesses in the county, and for hauliers who need to keep goods moving between the UK and the Continent.

Once a specialist vehicle is in place, Highways England says it will be able to deploy the moveable barrier on the M20 swiftly and safely to look to ensure minimal disruption to motorists. This is seen as a marked improvement in comparison to Operation Brock which required a month of overnight closures to deploy the metal barrier required for the contraflow system previously used.

The technology will be designed to ensure that the M20 is kept open at times of disruption, whilst also allowing the motorway to retain 3 lanes, a hard shoulder and 70mph speed limits in both directions during normal traffic conditions. Some of the problems associated with Brock may however remain.

Source: handyshippingguide.com


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