Meat Plant COVID-19 Cases Prompt PETA Mobile Billboard – PETA UK

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The Rosderra Irish Meats processing plant in Tipperary will remain open even though one-third of its workers have tested positive for COVID-19.

Because of their frigid temperatures and cramped conditions, meat-processing plants in Ireland – as well as the US – have become COVID-19 hotspots.

Outbreaks have been reported at 16 Irish plants, and around 900 workers have tested positive.

In protest at the Irish government’s inaction over this issue, a new PETA mobile billboard ad is driving around Dublin, sharing an urgent message: “Close abattoirs and meat factories: save the workers, their families, and the animals.”

Eating Meat Has Deadly Consequences

Experts say that the COVID-19 outbreak originated in a “wet market” in Wuhan, China, where humans had direct contact with live animals and dead animal flesh.

Now, this deadly disease is sweeping through blood-soaked, offal-strewn meat-processing plants and endangering workers, their families, and the whole community. And like wet markets, squalid abattoirs and meat factories are known to be hotbeds for disease.


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