Mom Doesn’t Want To Work Much- Gives Frozen Food To Her Children

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A “LAZY” mum has shared a few of her brief-reduce parenting ideas, together with serving up frozen dinners and letting her kids skip tub time.

Katie Crenshaw, from Georgia, US, has shared her three time-saving hacks for the “lazy mother” on her private blog.

The mum-of-three was eager to reassure dad and mom that it was completely OK to serve up frozen dinners admitting she had wasted time attempting to organize meals from scratch.

She mentioned: “I’ve positively saved time by making scrumptious meals within the *gasp* microwave.”

The mum depends on an American frozen meals firm known as Happi Foodi, an organization that produces “restaurant high quality” meals on your freezer.

The UK’s COOK frozen prepared meal retailer offers comparable merchandise with children’s meals beginning at £2.75.

And on the subject of tub time, Katie says that typically, it’s straightforward to skip the fuss and simply go without bathing.

She writes: “Eh, wipes are positive. It’s not well worth the combat generally.”

And this isn’t the one time that Katie lets her youngsters win the battle admitting she lets her son Grayson sleep in his garments.

The teenager wished to put on his garments for the subsequent day to mattress moderately than having to rise up earlier.

Though Katie was tempted to say no, she now thinks it’s “genius,” and he has executed so for the previous 12 months.

Katie was additionally eager to share a laundry hack – actively encouraging mums to keep away from folding garments.

“Laying tee shirts flat in a stack saves a variety of time and simply slides into the dresser,” she defined.

In different parenting information, this mum has revealed that she keeps her baby daughter quiet with the help of an emergency foil blanket.


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