Peruvian canned artichoke exports made $ 90.9 million in 2019

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According to data provided by the portal Agrodata Peru, in 2019 Peru exported 37,748,002 kilos of canned artichokes with an FOB value of $ 90,977,515. These figures entail a 16% fall compared to 2018, when 41,644,735 kilos were exported worth 108,804,002 dollars.

Last year, the main destination of these Peruvian shipments was the United States, which accounted for 68% of all shipments. Next in the ranking was Spain, with 21%, followed by France and Germany, with 2% each, and Canada and the Netherlands, with 1% each.

Virú S.A. was one of the product’s main exporting companies, with sales totaling $ 39,741,000. Other big names are Danper Trujillo, with $ 32,684,000, Alsur Perú S.A.C., with $ 9,638,000, Cynara Perú S.A.C., with 4,886,000 dollars, and Agrícola Alsur Cusco S.A.C. with 3,089,000 dollars.



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