Spanish Calinda strawberries presented in exclusive wooden packaging

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At the Staay Food Group, the Calinda strawberries are now also sorted and available in an exclusive wooden packaging. This offer makes the Staay Food Group unique in the Netherlands.

“Our producer from Almonte, Spain, is the largest producer of the Calinda group in Spain and only grows this special variety. The packaging was also developed and patented there, “says Nico Velhoen. It is an open wooden box weighing 600 grams, in which the sorted strawberries are placed in a packaging sheet. The box is provided with a bar code so that it can be immediately added to the range as a SKU.

Premium packaging
“Size 24 is currently available, later the strawberries will be a bit smaller and we will switch to size 30. Because the strawberries are not only selected according to size, but also according to shape and colour, a really high-quality product is created, “says Nico.
In addition, thanks to the packaging sheet in which the fruits are placed, the strawberries remain in perfect condition. As a result, the product has a better shelf life and the consumer can keep the product in perfect condition.”

The Calinda club variety offers high-quality sweet strawberries with a particularly good taste. On average, the strawberries have a particularly high Brix value between 7.5 and 9. The Calinda is specially developed for Spanish cultivation of the Dutch El Santa strawberry.

The laid Calinda strawberries are available up to and including the first week of June.

For more information:

Nico Veldhoen
T: +31 180 679 142  


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