WATCH: From the ‘baby stroller fallacy’ to meaningless trademarks… Riding the killer CPG growth curve with Dr James Richardson

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It’s a question Dr James F. Richardson, cultural anthropologist turned business strategist, and founder of consultancy Premium Growth Solutions​,​ has been pondering throughout his career advising food & beverage brands, and serves as the focus of his new book: Ramping your brand: How to ride the killer CPG growth curve.

While there’s no magic formula that’s going to turn startups into the next Chobani, Caulipower or Bai, there are some clear do’s and don’ts for entrepreneurs trying to stand out from the crowd in the cut-throat world of food and beverage, he told FoodNavigator-USA at the Winter Fancy Food Show​ last month.

Watch the video to hear Dr Richardson address topics from trademarks to whether emerging brands should steer clear of Walmart:

  • For most new and young CPG brands, going into Walmart super early while still anchoring your SRP high is unlikely to generate a business with sustainable sales growth…
  • Weird and obscure don’t scale in CPG…  Weird is a total black hole of money in CPG innovation…
  • The one aspect of your product you want to nail upfront and never change is your master trademark, and when it comes to trademarks, opt for the meaningless…
  • The baby stroller fallacy… naively believing that predisposed shoppers will simply notice your brand once it appears, and have the same intense reaction to your package symbolism as you do, its authors.
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